Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beginning Algebra in the Early 20th Century

LogoImage via WikipediaIt is interesting to see how content changes and stays the same over time. Check out these two beginning Algebra books that I found on the Project Gutenberg webiste:

A First Book in Algebra by Wallace C. Boyden 1895

The First Steps in Algebra by G. A. Wentworth 1904

"162. A root which can be found exactly is called an exact or
rational root. Such roots are either whole numbers or fractions.
A root which is indicated but can be found only approxi-
mately is called a surd. Such roots involve the roots of imperfect
Rational and surd roots are together called real roots. 
A root which is indicated but cannot be found, either exactly
or approximately, is called an imaginary root. Such roots in-
volve the even roots of negative numbers."


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