Wednesday, February 27, 2013

App Inventor Tutorial

Here I have created a mathematical programming tutorial using the MIT App Inventor platform.

The tutorial guides students through the process of making the following android application.
The almost completed program follows:
Please feel free to try it, distribute, and remix.  This is a "work in progress," so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

MathJax Equation Builder

Here I'm testing a web app using what I learned in Dart flight school. I built the app and then uploaded the build folder to Google docs... embedded below in an iframe. Very easy using angular dart. Some LaTeX to try follows:
new line = \\  fraction = \frac{x}{y}  square root = \sqrt{x}


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Over 100,000 Views!

My algebra YouTube videos broke the 100,000 view mark! I know it is not a lot compared to many others out there but it is a milestone for me nonetheless.

I have received a great many "thank you" type comments and emails. It still amazes me that I can help so many so easily.  And I am getting better at tagging and SEO so hopefully this run will continue to accelerate.