Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Benefits of Open Textbooks

A Wikiversity Logo for Open Educational Resour...Image via WikipediaCost is not the only benefit of open textbooks.  Instructors are encouraged to modify and aggregate content to make their courses more current and relevant.  Add content to your LMS each semester and evolve your course.  Reuse, remix, and share your content.

Before considering an open textbook or any other open educational resource (OER) consider reading:

7 Things you Should Know About Open Textbook Publishing

These concepts are mirrored in Dr. Shu Schiller's video endorsement of Flat World Knowledge textbooks:

Another great resource for open content is the Merlot website. Merlot stands for multimedia educational resource for learning and online teaching.  There is much to sift through out there.  This is why I suggest using an LMS like Blackboard or Moodle, you can add or modify content each semester and evolve your course over time... 21st students will appreciate it.

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